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The 2018 A.C. Inc. Matching Challenge - $10,000!

A.C. Inc. Issues Early Challenge - June 30 - July 31

On June 30, Albert Carver and the crew at AC Inc issued a tremendously generous challenge. For every dollar donated to Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas between June 30 through July 31, AC Inc will match it--up to $10,000!!!

Click here to view the challenge published by AC Inc 

The purpose of issuing the challenge early in the season is to allow us ample time to raise the funds necessary for this monumental program. Albert (a long-time friend and classmate AND a faithful supporter of Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas has personally witnessed our last-minute struggle to raise the thousands of dollars necessary to provide new toys and warm clothing to the over 600 children on our list.  In an effort to allow us to focus our efforts on purchasing the gifts, he felt to put the challenge out early.
The challenge went out during the 2018 Moosabec Summerfest parade.  With the help of AC Inc and many dedicated sponsors and volunteers, Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas entered a float.

To view the video announcement of the challenge during the parade, click here.

We will be posting donations daily to keep everyone updated on how close we are to reaching our goal of $10,000.  For every dollar you give, it will count double!!!  We would LOVE to add your name to the list.  (If you prefer to remain anonymous, just let us know.)  

Donate Now To Make Your Donation Count Double!

We have made it easy for you to make a secure online donation.  Click on the button below and make your online donation with any major credit  or debit card.

Or, if you prefer to mail your donation, please send it to:

Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas

P.O. Box 35

Jonesport, ME  04649

Thank you for helping us reach this challenge and for making children's Christmas a little merrier!

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A.C. Inc. Challenge Update

And our total today is ---------------------------------------------------------->

As promised in last night's live Facebook video, here is a recap of how the A.C. Inc. Challenge played out over June 30 - July 31.

We cannot express enough our gratitude and pride in our communities for pulling together and uniting for the cause that Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas represents.

In a time that is full of negativity and bad news, it is so refreshing and encouraging to know that there are so many who DO care!

We would like to thank the owners and crew of A.C. Inc. for issuing this awesomely generous challenge. They would match dollar for dollar all money donated between June 30 - July 31 up to $10,000.  The idea to issue the challenge early was brilliant!  (And here I thought that people wouldn't be able to get into the Christmas spirit this early!)

Because of this challenge and the generosity of every single one of you who gave, our fundraising is 75% complete as of August 1!!!!

Please stay tuned on our Facebook Page and this website  for future events coming up in the Fall.  We have several events planned to help us get to our total fundraising goal.  (Last year, Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas served over 600 children throughout the Washington County area and because of so many generous people, these children each received gifts of new toys, warm clothing, warm bedding, and in some cases, Christmas dinners!)

We are expecting upwards of 650 children this coming Christmas!

Okay, here it is....the summary of donations received during June 30 - July 31.  As I mentioned in the live video, we had a little over $3,000 with just one week left in the challenge.  Then, with only 4 days to go, I was knocked out of commission from a fall and was laid up.  Read through the timeline below and watched what happened during the last couple of days!  You are all so amazing!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

June 30 - Challenge begins during Moosabec Summerfest parade

Collected during Moosabec Summerfest parade on June 30:

Cash donations .... $463

Bright Agency & Jensen Sheehan Insurance Agency .... $750

Steven & Lynne Ellis .... $250

Received 2nd place in "most original" category float -$75

Donations after parade:

Elizabeth Rachel Emerson Corbett ..... $25

Coastal Physical Therapy Services, LLC  - Harrington ..... $100

Fitness Central - Harrington ..... $100

Doris Reed Pratt .... $100

Anonymous .... $500

Peter & Janet Ellis .... $250

Joyce Franco .... $25

Richard & Elsie Larson .... $50

Holly Plaisted .... $50

Susan Corbett .... $100

Wendall & Joyce Alley .... $20

Millard & Betty Crowley .... $20

Vinal & Nancy Crowley .... $50

Norma & Lew Bamp Milam .... $100

Kookies 4 Kids .... $412 

Heidi& Stephen J. Geel .... $100

Lynette & Ron Peabody .... $500

Joan Pulkkinen.... $100

Ds ConstrucD's Construction Services .... $200

The Jackson Laboratory"Holidays Are for Kids" Committee .... $2,400

Elaine Alley .... $100

Anonymous donor .. $50

Marsha & Mike Sloan .... $150

Laura L Fish …. $50

Diane Beal …. $100

As of Friday, July 27 – the total was $7,065


Saturday, July 28

Julie Smith Farris …. $100

Sandy & Jay Gawkowski …. $200

Maurice & Diane Alley …. $20

As of Saturday, July 28 – the total was $7,425 (3 days left, and we still needed $2,600!)


Sunday, July 29

Bold Coast Properties …. $100

Wendy & Dickey Beal …. $50

Pentecostals of Jonesport …. $1,000

As of Sunday, July 29 – the total was  $8,575 (2 days left, and we needed $1,500 to meet the challenge)



Monday, July 30

Jessica & Dennis Moraisey of Moraisey Earthworks …. $500

Full Sail Construction -  …. $1,500

The Gray Family – in memory of MacKenzie Gray Juanita Danny Gray…. $500

Mannaford’s Supermarket …. $1,500

Durkee Bait …. $1,500

Dorthea Crowley …. $60

A total of $5,560 came in the day before the challenge ended!!


Monday, July 31 (Last day of challenge)

Melanie & Thurman Alley .... $50

Sharon & John Church …. $100

Kathryn & Robert Price …. $100

Marcia & Amr Ismail …. $100

Glenn & Diane Holubek-Beal …. $500

Walter Carver …. $500

Valerie & Lorin Gray …. $50

Bangor Savings Bank (Pledge) …. $250

Pentecostals of Jonesport (additional donation) …. $200

Machias Savings Bank (Pledge from “Dress for a Cause”) …. $1,500

Kookies 4 Kids Mobile Sale …. $1,055

Annette & Tim Peabody …. $50

Tory Alley…. $34

Teresa Carver Beal .... $25

Sawyer Memorial Congregational Church ....$250

A total of $4,439 came in the last day of the challenge.


This just in....August 1


We have three more donations to add in.  They were actually in the mail yesterday, so they fall under the challenge:

Moosabec Variety .... $250

Customers of Moosabec Variety .... $400 (They had a donation jar at the cash register.)

Sharon and Bert Look .... $100