Welcome to the 34th Annual Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas!

Providing gifts of toys & warm clothing to children in Downeast Maine since 1984!

About Us

The Hard Facts

Many children in Downeast Maine (through no fault of their own) will go without this Christmas. 

The reasons for this vary--unemployment, struggling single parents, unexpected bills, sickness, and in some cases, neglect. 

Whatever the reason, these children deserve a bright spot during their Christmas season.

How It All Started

Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas was started in 1984 by a group of concerned citizens from local churches and other individuals who realized the need of many children in this area. 

This program is designed to provide a new toy and a warm outfit to children who will receive little (or in some cases, nothing) for Christmas. 

There have been some very touching moments during the past 32 years.

The Need Is Great

Calls have already started coming in from schools, organizations, and concerned community members who realize the need of some children in our area.  

The 33rd Annual Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas needs your help.

Fliers are being sent out, people are being contacted, and volunteers are being lined up. We have a LOT of work to do!  

It was people like you who helped make a little over 600 children's Christmas a little merrier last year. Over $27,000 worth of toys, warm clothing, bedding, and even Christmas ham dinners were delivered to excited little girls and boys in Downeast Maine.  Thank you!

We are making a request to our faithful supporters. Your donation will help us to get a head start on this monumental, but definitely worthwhile project. We are expecting an even greater need this year than last. 

If you would like to help by donating new clothing, toys, or a gift of money (to go toward the purchase of these items), please contact or mail your donation to:

Rhonda French, Chairperson

Let's All Have a Merrier Christmas

P.O. Box 35

Jonesport, ME  04649

Call or text: (207) 446-0723

email:  rhonda@merrierchristmas.com

Pictures & Videos

WLBZ 2 Those Who Care Award

(Click on picture above to view video.)

I was so honored (and humbled) to receive this award on October 5, 2017.  I accepted this award and dedicated it to all of the wonderful people who surround me and so unselfishly pitch in and help with Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas over the past 32 years!
Thank you!

Hometown Generosity!

Hometown Generosity!

 So pleased to be able to announce that Albert Carver, Patrick Robinson, and the crew of AC Inc presented the Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas program with a check for $8,125!!!!!!!!! Albert learned about our losing a major sponsor (who had taken care of up to 125 children on our list in the past.) He quickly jumped into Santa mode, and called with the wonderful news that they woud take care of the amount we had lost.
We are just totally at a loss for words to express our gratitude to Albert and Beth Carver, Patrick, and the wonderful crew of AC Inc!!!!!!! 

You're Never Too Young to Make a Difference!


And here they are.....38 pair of pajamas shopped for and purchased by Juanita Gray and family in memory of Mackenzie Gray, precious, precious girl with the biggest heart and smile you could ever imagine.Thank you for making a difference for 38 children this coming Christmas.....and thank you, Mackenzie, for being such a sweet, loving little girl who brightened the lives of everyone whoever met you. 


First Annual Let's All Have a Merrier Christmas Car/Bike Show

Bobbi Sue Gray came up with the awesome idea of holding a Car/Bike Show to benefit Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas.  She enlisted the help of MANY volunteers and held this event on September 23, 2017.  
With the proceeds from the car/bike show, raffles, and bake sale, they donated $625 to this years program!

Downeast Christmas Angel Pageant

What a great day!!!! Andie Lovejoy and her mom, Yvonne Hayward put on the largest fundraiser in Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas' history. Andie, who has helped with the program for the last three years and considers it one of very favorite groups to help, encouraged her mother to help her put on a Christmas pageant to help raise money for the program.
There were 37 beautiful ladies of all ages who competed in various age categories. Because of Andie's vision, they raised a little over $2,770 and also collected several bags and boxes of new toys, clothing, books, and personal items! WOW!!!!!
Thank you to everyone who came out and helped with the pageant and who donated......Thank you, Yvonne, for this huge undertaking. It was awesome!
And thank you, thank you, thank you, Andie.....You, young lady, have made a HUGE difference in many children's Christmas this year. I hope you know what a very special young lady you are!!!! 

Fill the Bus!

One of the highlights of our season is making the annual trip to Ellsworth Walmart to begin shopping at 5:30!
We didn't have a vehicle large enough to transport our group of volunteers PLUS hold the hundreds of gifts.....Buddy Mills jumps in and saves the day by getting us a bus and he even volunteered to drive us!

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Let's All Have A Merrier Christmas

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